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Bionic Hand: Dr. Solaiman Shokur, EPFL

March 27, 2024 Alex Jani: interviewing visionaries of healthcare innovation
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Bionic Hand: Dr. Solaiman Shokur, EPFL
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You cannot underestimate the emotion when you can feel the warmth of someone’s hand in the hand you do not have.

Or cold in the fingers you have not had for years.

In this episode, you’ll hear about

  • how people with an amputated hand, can feel the temperature in their phantom hand
  • why you don’t really feel wet or can be tricked into feeling wet when there’s no wetness
  • how do you feel the temperature

and surely

  • bionic hands
  • robotic hands
  • neuroprostheses

My guest, Dr. Solaiman Shokur is a neuroengineer and a scientist, a co-founder of a neurotech company working on 'nerve machine interfaces’. He worked on some real cool stuff: brain-computer interfaces – he worked in the same lab with Neuralink CTO and co-founders and he was involved in the mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton featured during the 2014 World Cup. Dr. Shokur moved then into restoring sensory-motor functions, haptics, 

and now, with an international team, he works on new bionic technology called MiniTouch. There are three centers involved: Translation Neural Engineering Lab at EPFL led by Prof. Silvestro Micera, Switzerland, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna subsidiary in Pisa, INAIL institute in Bologna. MiniTouch allows a person with an amputated hand to feel hot and cold in their phantom hand.

You may learn more about the lab here:


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Dr. Solaiman Shokur and Bionic Hand at EPFL
The First User's Respond to the Bionic Hand
What Does the Bionic Hand Look Like
Is it Robotic or Bionic?
How Long After Hand Amputation the Nerves Responsible for Hand Work
The Role of Sensing the Temperature
How Do We Feel Temperature?
Scientific Path to Bionics
Working on the Bionic Hand Sensors
The Cost of the Bionic Hand Thermal Feedback
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