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The Smallerst Health Tracker Ring So Far: Dr. Antonino Caizzone, Velia Smart Ring

December 13, 2023 Alex Jani: interviewing visionaries of healthcare innovation
X-Health.show - meet the future of healthcare
The Smallerst Health Tracker Ring So Far: Dr. Antonino Caizzone, Velia Smart Ring
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A new wearable is coming to the market in 2024: a smaller ring to track your sleep, stress, calories burnt, and other vitals and activities. Already pre-ordered by over 7000 people .

You’ll hear about

  • a smart ring that is smaller than other rings and what fits inside
  • what can you track with it
  • the differences between various wearables: smartwatches, rings
  • how does PPG technology work and how small the sensors can be
  • how to earn trust and raise substantial funds with crowdfunding
  • and also, how to act as a zebra if there are big players around the same technology and you're just a startup

Dr. Antonino Caizzone is an engineer specializing in microengineering and nanotechnologies, especially sensors, with experience working on wearables.

Velia Smart Ring is the first product develped by Senbiosys, a Swiss startup, a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technolology (EPFL). It is the smallest, at the time of this recording, ring to track your health and wellness. Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign that raised so far over 1.7 MLN dollars they’re on the way to launch the ring at the beginning of 2024.

You can still preorder the ring at

And have some more info about the company at

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Dr. Antonino Caizzone, Velia Smart Ring
What Can You Track with a Smart Ring
How Does the Miniaturized PPG Sensor in the Smart Ring Work
Data Protection
Optical Feedback, Ring Functions, Integrations, Battery
Scientific Research Behind the Smart Ring
Crowdfunding for the Wearable
Dodging the Big Players as a Zebra
Being There for the Community and Benefiting from It
Velia Ring Planned Launch
Thank you, Follow Velia Smart Ring
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