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Developing New T Cell Immunotherapies for Difficult Solid Tumors: Prof. George Coukos, Department of Oncology UNIL-CHUV

November 29, 2023 Alex Jani: interviewing visionaries of healthcare innovation
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Developing New T Cell Immunotherapies for Difficult Solid Tumors: Prof. George Coukos, Department of Oncology UNIL-CHUV
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Have a glimpse into the future of cancer treatment where an army of your own tiny soldiers fiercely combats the most stubborn cancers, even at late stage. They’re called T cells. My today’s guest has worked on immunotherapies that arm T cells, patient’s own white blood cells with weapons agains tumors to infuse them back to the patient’s body.

Whether you’re an oncologist or a nonspecialist, you may be sure you’ll learn a tonne from this episode.

You’ll hear about

  • how tumors suppress anti-cancer immune response
  • why solid tumors in ovarian cancer, colon cancer, gastro-intestinal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and some breast cancers are more challenging for immunotherapies
  • melanoma, lung cancer
  • TIL therapies
  • adoptive T cell therapies
  • autologous dendritic cell vaccine
  • and patient experience

Professor George Coukos is on a mission to find a cure for the most difficult cancers. Trained as an MD and obstetrician-gynaecologist, he studied and researched cell biology and oncology at the University of Pennsylvania, which led to the discovery of spontaneous anti-tumor response in ovarian cancer. Now he leads major oncology research institutions in Lausanne, Switzerland, to develop novel T cell therapy approaches for solid tumors. He’s the director of Department of Oncology at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), as well as the local branch of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. An esteemed researcher with over 200 publications, known for the development of combinational immune therapies that have been approved for lung, liver, and kidney cancers.

To follow Prof. Coukos and his colleagues' recent developments go to


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Prof. George Coukos, Department of Oncology UNIL-CHUV
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